Monday, October 08, 2007

Nuclear Power Comeback: Money Not Safety Concerns Loom

AAEA was years ahead (2001) of everybody except the nuclear industry in promoting a comeback for nuclear power plants. Now that global warming concerns have shifted nuclear power back into our energy future, the only real concern seems to be the cost of future plants. And we must admit that it is a very big decision for utility executives.

The Washington Post has an extensive article about the financial requirements for a nuclear power plant comeback. We submit that if global warming and climate change are the most important environmental issues facing us today, then America needs to be willing to make the financial commitment to construct electricity generating plants that do not contribute any global warming or smog forming gases.

Wall Street must step up to the plate and play ball. Utility companies must be brave and do what must be done to get these plants built. Calling for cap and trade, carbon dioxide taxes and international protocols are empty if metal and concrete aren't being utilized. President Bush, Wall Street, utility companies, international climate change institutions, and other countries must cooperate to accelerate this nuclear comeback. If AAEA could see it years before anyone else, clearly powerful interests should be able to come together to mitigate global warming and climate change.

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