Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Harlem Compared to Prince George's County

Harlem is the most famous Black community in America but Prince George's County is the richest majority Black county in the country. Harlem has more culture but PG looks better. Harlem has Central Park on its border but PG has the Beltsville Agricultural Research Center (USDA). Harlem has the Hudson River and PG has the Potomac River. Harlem has the Harlem River and PG is near the Anacostia River.

Harlem has two sewage treatment plants and PG is near DC's. Harlem's smog is worse than PG's smog. Harlem has a subway but PG does not. Harlem has the Apollo Theatre and PG has Andrews Air Force Base (where Air Force One is parked). Harlem has a MLK Ave and so does PG. Harlem has a Malcolm X Boulevard but PG does not (one close by in DC). Anybody have anything else?

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