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S.W. Waterfront Redevelopment Receives Green Light in Washington D.C.

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Hoffman‐Madison Waterfront, the master developer of the 3.2 million square foot Southwest Waterfront project - “The Wharf” - that stretches across 27 acres of land along the historic Washington Channel, has announced the approval of its Phase1 Planned Unit Development (PUD) by the District of Columbia Zoning Commission.

The Zoning Commission’s action approves all of the architectural designs and specific plans for each parcel of the project’s first phase encompassing 1.5 million square feet of residential, hotel, office and retail uses along with three piers, numerous open spaces, gathering places and a 3‐acre waterfront park.
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Consistent with the Stage 1 PUD, approved by the Zoning Commission in 2011, the Stage 2 PUD encompasses Parcels, 2, 3 and 4. Additionally, in order to accomplish the development needs of St. Augustine’s Church, the Stage 2 application also includes Parcel 11, as well as a new 3‐acre waterfront park designed with a community charette process.
District Pier Summer Festival © Perkins Eastman
The District of Columbia Zoning Commission approval includes:
  • Parcel 2: Residential, Cultural and Entertainment Venue, Retail Spaces and Combined Heating and Power Facility.
  • Parcel 3a: Commercial Office Building and Ground Floor Retail.
  • Parcel 3b: InterContinental Hotel and Ground Floor Retail.
  • Parcel 4: Residential Building and Two levels of Retail Space.
  • Parcel 11: St. Augustine’s Church and Residential Building
  • Piers, Open Spaces and Thoroughfares: Streets, Yacht Club Piazza, Mews, Parks and New Piers
  • Parking and Bicycle Transit: Below‐Grade Parking Facility for Cars and Bikes, Surface Parking, New Maine Avenue Bike Lane, and Completing Link of the 20‐Mile Anacostia Riverwalk Trail.
  • Wharf Kiosks: Outdoor Retail Pavilions.
District Pier at Entry Court © Perkins Eastman

Hoffman‐Madison Waterfront has developed guidelines to ensure that The Wharf has been designed in accordance with LEED‐ND Gold objectives, in order to meet certification requirements and to comply with all LEED‐ND criteria. Innovative stormwater management designs have been carefully integrated into The Wharf. Significant Low Impact Development (LID) zone plantings and a monumental storm water reuse cistern that stretches beneath the entire length of The Wharf will drastically reduce or eliminate stormwater runoff the enters the Washington Channel and help improve the health of the Potomac River watershed. The Wharf’s reuse of stormwater runoff for CHP cooling and the creative use of LID strategies will help the development meet the stormwater management goals of the Anacostia Waterfront Initiative.
Wharf © Perkins Eastman
Phase 1 Design Team:
Groundbreaking is scheduled for 2013 and completion of the first phase is projected in the last quarter of 2016.  (Arch Daily, 1/21/2013)

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