Monday, September 27, 2010

Shell, National Urban League and Black Enterprise Magazine


By Norris McDonald

The Autumn season brings two events that Shell Oil is co-sponsoring:

1)  Shell Oil Company is sponsoring the National Urban League Founders’ Day Reception on September 27 in New York. According to Shell, they support the Urban league because it is a, "partnership that closely aligns with Shell’s firm commitment to diversity and inclusiveness at all levels throughout our organization.”

2) Black Enterprise is hosting Part 2 of A Conversation on Energy sponsored by Shell, in Washington D.C at the Liaison Capitol Hill Hotel, on Nov. 8, 2010.

Shell Oil's outreach program should be commended.  Now if we can get them to engage in equity mentor/protege partnership programs, it would add significant substance to their outreach activities.

Blacks do not own energy infrastructure and resources in the United States and Shell could do something about that beguiling situation. AAEA would be happy to work with Shell in solving this energy sector problem.

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