Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Critic Says Blacks Deserve No Help For Energy Ownership

We received the email below that is critical of our suggestion to the Congressional Black Caucus to leverage federal legisltion to help with African American ownership of energy companies. We guess he or she was afraid to post it as a public comment. So we are posting it for him or her. We also guess they missed the little bailouts of other institutions.

J O ( mendskyz@yahoo.com )
Sent: Tue 3/17/09 7:17 AM
To: AfricanAmericanEnvironmentalist@msn.com

"You have got to be kidding me you low life scum sucking leach on society. Do you actually think you should be entitled to these perks? I hope to hell that this site is a sarcastic poke at the organization you mention but somehow I think it is not.

This is a perfect example of the Entitlement Mentality that exists in the Negro culture today, and the very reason so many caucasiuns demonstrate so called "racism" toward your race, when this "racism" is actually a hatred for the hands out and palms up culture of "Hey government, what can you give me today" race. I use the term Negro because very few members of the Negro race living in America today have ever stepped foot on the African continent so save me the "African American" lingo. My ancestors came from Europe but I don't call myself a European American.

I find it very comical that every ethnic group except for Negros have been able to come to this country and make something of themselves. Could it be that your constant dependence on the federal government is holding you back? How about turning your hands palm down, and stick them back in your pockets and start looking for ways to bring your culture out of the gutter and into a self sufficient, productive part of society. Could it be that if you actually helped your culture climb out of the gutter that you wouldn't have a job? All of the popular Negro Leaders you see in the media today are vested in keeping racism alive, spending all their time telling American how racist it is when in actuality it is the Negro race that harbors the most racist attitudes of any other race.

Why don't you spend your time finding ways to take your youth, help them understand that there are opportunities in places other than professional sports, music, and drugs and help them actually become self sufficient. Until your race stops looking to the government to solve your problems, and start looking at your own cultural problems like single parent families, government reliance, and entitlement mentality you will continue to be the only race who has come to this country and hasn't been able to better themselves."

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