Wednesday, March 18, 2009

New Green Stars Change Movement In Washington, D.C.


WOW. D.C. is full of new green black superstars and that is a very good thing. Such planetary visionaries used to simply visit town about once or twice a year. Now new ones from New Jersey and the midwest to the left coast have taken up residence in our nation's capital. As George Clinton might say: "Gaining on ya." Change has truly come to town.

Bottom line is the traditional environmental groups have no choice but to 'green black up' now. Or be left in the dust of the old Jim Crow green group world. Those elite green groups better consider hiring more than one too. For our issues include but transcend the Negro section. The rules have changed and so have the players. And 'old pieces of meat' like me are still around to play.

One thing for sure, this is all very exciting. What to make of it? Because excitement is one thing, but substantive accomplishments beyond 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue are still pending. There is much to be done. Much to CHANGE. From the coal mines of Appalachia and the subways of New York City, to the surplus of Beijing and the electricity of South Africa, we have work to do. Will the old oppose the new? Will the new isolate the old? Will divide and conquer still bamboozle? I guess we will see won't we?

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