Tuesday, March 10, 2009

New York Times Features Segregation In Green Movement

Mirey Navarro writes in The New York Times:

"But with a black president committed to environmental issues in the White House and a need to achieve broader public support for initiatives like federal legislation to address global warming, many environmentalists say they feel pressure to diversify the movement further, both in membership and at higher levels of leadership."
Now some of the groups have and will rush out to hire 'one black' professional and will assign them to the 'Negro Section' of environmental and energy policy decision-making. These same groups are evidently terrified of being 'found out' by a black president. He's very smart. He will not fall for your 'one black' professional hiring strategy. And the green groups have been making that empty promise to integrate for 40 years. We know that most of them are secretly proud of their elite (segregated) make up.

According to the article, the Green Group invited a couple of minority-led organizations (Nat'l Hispanic Environmental Council and Green For All) to join their ranks - - "soon after the election of the first black president." The green groups surely do not know what to do now that President Obama also appointed a black woman as adminstrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (Lisa P. Jackson). We will give the green groups a hint: HIRE BLACK PEOPLE [see Barbara Walters]. It really is not hard in Washington, D.C., a city that is majority African American or in New York and other areas. But after four decades of segregation, it will be more painful for the environmental movement to integrate than it was for public schools in the deep south.

We have an open invitation for many of these green groups to complete our Green Group Diversity Survey, but they arrogantly refuse to do so. We feature the results of the survey, where only five out of 25 green groups bothered to complete it, on our Green Group Diversity Report Card.

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