Saturday, August 05, 2006

AAEA Loves ExxonMobil & Other Oil Company Profits

Hooray for U.S. oil company profits. Hopefully it will help bring the price of gasoline back down so that the American economic engine can continue to run smoothly. We also need to bring those hydrogen fuel cell plug-in hybrid electric vehicles on line as soon as possible. The oil is under ground and ocean so we guess humans should use it. But it does create huge quantities of greenhouse gases when burned in our vehicles so a transition to hybrid electrics sooner than later would be appreciated by our atmosphere. But back to BIG OIL.

We shouldn't holler when a big oil company makes $10 billion in profits in a quarter. Not only do they have to reinvest that money back into exploration and development, our adversaries in Iran and Venezuela are reaping even larger profits. And let's not even talk about Saudi Arabia and OPEC profits. Some idiots here don't want us to drill anywhere new and also oppose increasing imports from Middle Eastern countries. Well now there is a prescription for higher prices. We oppose using high prices as a conservation tool because it will ruin the American economy and hurt the middle and lower classes. Technology exists to solve our oil and emissions problems. So allow BIG OIL its profits so that it can power the American engine until we replace oil burners with those that emit water vapor.

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