Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Katrina Anniversary : Self Reliance & Gov't Last Resort

For those of us familiar with government bureaucracy it is not surprising that the hurricane won. Hopefully, victims learned that the government should be the savior of last resort. You have to depend on yourself and the good will of your neighbor. Self reliance and local organizing are the keys to protecting yourself. We still hear whining about the government. Don't depend on government to make you whole. And the limosine liberal celebrities should put their money where their mouth is or shut up and stay away.

New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin and Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco are doing the same thing now that they did right after the hurricane - - fighting. We keep hearing that the Fed authorized $110 billlion for Gulf Coast hurricane relief. If you know government, you know that it is hard to impossible for that money to reach the street. Nagin is complaining that state officials are holding up funding to the city. Blanco is complaining that the city is not properly requesting the money. So just as Blanco was the wrench in the works that delayed the federal rescue of the people at the Super Dome and the Convention Center, she is now holding up the recovery.

Kanye, President Bush went around Blanco, sent in the calvary and evacuated the dome and center in one day. What have you done to help? And don't depend on Bush, Blanco or Nagin to rescue you. Rescue yourself. Don't depend on them to get you home either if you want to return. Get yourself back if it is important to you.

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