Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Juan Williams Attack on Rev Al Sharpton Unconscionable

Juan Williams attack on Rev Al Sharpton on Bill O'Reilly's show must have been a ploy to sell more copies of his new book, "Enough." And we sure don't mind him making money. It is just a lowdown act to accuse Rev Sharpton of 'marching for money,' particularly as Williams, right, used a single Wall Street Journal article as the source for the accusation. Williams also could not answer why it was wrong for Rev Sharpton to accept contributions from a Republican. It just seems that many people have a bias against black people making money. Juan needs to put in a fraction of the time in solving problems that Rev Sharpton has before he tries to feebly and inaccurately criticize the reverend. What does this have to do with the environment you ask?

When Marsha Coleman-Adebayo and AAEA President Norris McDonald went to meet with Rev Al Sharpton at his Hall of Justice in Harlem in 2002 to ask him to come to Washington, DC to march on Senator Lieberman to move the NO FEAR bill out of his committee, Rev Sharpton agreed to come down, came down and helped to get, "The First Civil Rights Legislation of the 21st Century" passed (photo above left). And he never requested any money. We didn't have any anyway. We wish we could have paid him millions for his historic contribution. Why is there the demand for blacks to be poor to be righteous when everyone else is making money? Rev Sharpton does not even take credit for his historic assistance. Rev Sharpton marches and works for causes because he WANTS TO, period. Oh. And regarding the environment, AAEA provided the environmental justice representaion to the NO FEAR Coalition.

British Petroleum (BP) recently donated $800,000 to the Nature Conservancy and $500,000 to the World Wilflife Fund (Wash Times) and they almost completely ignore black Americans. They avoid hiring any black professionals and not a peep from Mr. Williams about that. He is worried about Rev Sharpton getting $10,000. And isn't Rev Sharpton protesting BP? Get a clue Juan. We usually like your commentary.

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