Friday, August 11, 2006

Mainstream Environmental Groups Love High Gas Prices

AAEA promotes the delivery of adquate energy resources at reasonable prices. The more abundant the resources and the lower the prices, the more effectively and efficiently the economy operates. There is limitless energy in existence. We just need to access and distribute it for the good of humanity. Unfortunately, mainstream environmentalists want to use high energy prices to force conservation. Yet they are not celebrating the current high price of gasoline. Maybe they do not want the public to know about their love for these high prices.

Politicians hate high gasoline prices because they believe, rightfully so, that pain at the pump can get them voted out of office. Moreover, oil companies are the enemy to the left, so this puts traditional environmentalists at odds with their political friends. So traditional mainstream environmental groups (do they really have a desk at the DNC?) have to keep quiet about their joy at the high gasoline prices. They want Americans out of their cars and on buses, trains, subways and bicycles. And they want Americans out of the suburbs and back in inner cities, preferably in highrise apartments and condos. Do they want America to be the old Czechoslovakia? We'll take a pass on their elite vision.

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