Tuesday, August 01, 2006

New York's Mayor Bloomberg Confused on Electricity

It was just a month ago that New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg said New York did not need a new electricity generating power plant until 2012. It blew our minds because we know better, but now hizzoner is asking New Yorkers to conserve electricity. Which is it Mr. Mayor? Either there is enough electricity or there isn't. By our estimates New York needs the equivalent of 5-10 large power plants by 2012. And they all do not need to be built in minority communities.

New York is in really bad shape regarding reliable electricity delivery. The state does not even have a utility licensing law. It expired years ago and the legislature is incapable of authorizing a new permitting law. Moreover, 80% of New York City's electricity has to come from within the city limits and nobody wants a plant in their backyard. And sticking the blacks with all of them will not fly in the age of environmental justcie. We're not NIMBYs at AAEA but we believe there should be an equitable distribution of the plants in the five boroughs.

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