Saturday, August 26, 2006

Racial Profiling Environment in the Age of Terrorism

There is extra pressure on blacks to accept the concept of racial profiling related to 'Middle Eastern-looking' people. This acceptance, in the minds of profilers and their enablers, would justify the decades of profiling blacks have endured because of racism and the destructive behavior of our dysfunction tenth. Of course, 911 has upped the ante at airports. So what is our position on profiling 'Middle Eastern-looking' people?

Our position does not matter because they are going to get profiled anyway. Blacks have been profiled, are profiled and will be profiled. Whether it is shopping in a mall store, getting special treatment by an unscrupulous highway patrolman or policeman (we support the police), or by a newspaper reporter, we are going to be profiled in the hope that some dirt will be found on us somewhere or somehow. Even when professionally dressed and well spoken, one's skin color gives a prejudiced person opportunity to subtly or overtly insult. So 'Middle Eastern-looking' people should get used to it.

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