Monday, August 14, 2006

AIDS in the Sexual Environment

NAACP Chairman Julian Bond discusses AIDS in the Post today. He specifically targets AIDS in the black community. We are glad he did not blame this problem on George Bush or racism because it is strictly a result of personal choices. Bond complains that it has a white image and thus reduces attention and resources for treatment of the disease among blacks. However, as in the case of global warming, there are practical solutions to the problem of AIDS. Some Americans refuse to conform to behaviors that would prevent the disease.

The burning loins of youth are particularly hard to restrain, but the reasonable young mind should realize that sex strictly limited to the institution of a faithful marriage is the best place for sex. The safest place too. Thus, it is better to marry than to burn. So get married and be faithful to your mate. Sexual freedom has led to enormous pain and suffering in America. The Woodstock Nation got this one completely wrong. The black community should just get back to the garden. And if celibacy is too much of a strain, then get married and remain faithful. The AIDS problem will have no effect on you. We know. You say naive. But Nancy Reagon was right and the hippies were wrong. The solution to this problem is really simple. And in a generation it would be solved.

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