Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Congressional Black Caucus Needs Those Perks

Message to the Democrats: Do not take away those private jets and lobster dinners. Just when the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) has the most power in the history of its existence, the Dem leadership wants to take away a very important subsidy for mostly less than wealthy members. CBC members are not rich and the meager congressional salary is barely enough to get by on if they are supporting two homes and a kid or two in college. Same thing for less than wealthy white members. More disclosure is the better path. Our legislators deserve the best that America has to give. Moreover, the CBC has been the best voting caucus in Congress for decades on environmental issues, so clearly they cannot be unduly influenced.

We want the CBC to travel in the best jets and eat the best food so that they will be in good shape to perform the people's business. Charles Rangel deserves to fly on the latest Gulf Stream. He already scoots around the Rayburn building in a cart. John Conyers too. Do we really want these two members who are in their 70s hustling through long waiting lines and wasting time taking off their shoes. We don't think so. Barack Obama has pledged to fly coach to stay in touch with the people, but he has plenty of money in the bank now that he has a best selling book. So keep those perks. We want a happy CBC. After all, they are almost 10 percent of the House of Representatives and they deserve a lobster/steak dinner on a private luxury jet after a hard days work.

A recent Washington Post article listed the top 25 congressional corporate jet users and Barack Obama was the only CBC member on the list. Come on CBC. Are you not asking or are they not offering or both? Obama made the list but has pledged to ride coach to remain close to the people. Don't do it Barack. You're a very busy man. You're not like the rest of us.

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