Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Great Man Murdered: Seong Hoon No

Seong Hoon No (September 24, 1974- January 27, 2007)

Update: 1st Suspect Acquitted (The Washington Post)

Update: The criminals have been caught. Thank God. Hopefuly justice will be served. More at Gazette.Net

By Norris McDonald. Seong Hoon No, right, was a great young man and he was murdered at the age of 32 in his family-owned store. He was always behind the counter with his quiet, taller 33 year old brother, Yoel. Although Hoon died from his wounds, Yoel was also shot but is recovering.

He always had good conversation to share. We bantered as I bought my beer. When he wasn't waiting on customers he always had his head in a book or his laptop. We debated politics and he just couldn't believe some of my political positions. He worked with his father, mother and two brothers. They ran a convenience store with a deli in the back and the liquor store. It was quite interesting to hear them bicker in Korean with each other sometimes. They also did not take any mess. Yet, you couldn't meet nicer people anywhere.

Now Hoon is dead. Shot to death by two robbers (animals) two blocks from my home. Hoon was murdered on Saturday, January 27, 2007 at 3:30 p.m. at Fort Washington Liquors, located at 10200 Old Fort Raod, Fort Washington, Maryland. The Prince George's County Police Department is offering a cash reward up to $25,000 for the tip that leads to the arrest and indictment of the suspects. I hate the reality of Black-on-Black murder. I hate that my friend Hoon was killed. So smart. Hard worker. Loyal to his family. The spiritual disease of murder has infested our community. This toxic pollution is ruining our environment. Our community has to find a way to end this war. This insane war of the murderous tenth polluting our neighborhoods. More from one of Hoon's friends.

S. Hoon No Memorial Fund
P.O. Box 12221
Arlington, VA 22219

I attended the funeral at the Korean Presbyterian Church in Vienna, Virgina. It was the saddest event I have ever attended in my life. Although I hate generalizing, I have to admit that I would not blame the family for hating all black people. Yet they greeted me warmly as they did the many other black people there too. We cried together over this great loss. I did not know they are Christians. That explains a lot. Many people from Prince George's County attended the funeral. A Maryland State Senate Resolution honoring Hoon was read. Hoon's name is also being spelled as Seung Hoon Ro.

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