Monday, January 29, 2007

So Prince Charles Is Green and Likes The Hood

Although it might be well known in England that Prince Chalres is a rabid environmentalist, we did not know he was so passionate about the issue. We don't remember him weighing in on the Kyoto Protocol (U.K. is a signatory). Now he is in the USA to receive an award from former vice president Al Gore, another guy who did nothing on the environment when he was in office. He is doing a lot now. He must be running for president. Has to be. Traditional environmentalists in the USA and UK are being critical of this award and the carbon dioxide producing trip to receive the award. We hope he at least purchased carbon offsets for the trip.

Prince Charles and his wife Camilla also went to the Hood, if Harlem can be considered the Hood. Brownstones there a selling for $1 million and 125th Street is a commercial Mecca. Anyway he was photographed and videotaped playing basketball and visiting students at a local school. These tours always strike us as being similar to visits to the zoo. Nice to visit for an hour or two but wouldn't want to live there. Photo opps with black kids. Looks good in the newspaper and on television.

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