Monday, January 01, 2007

Joe Biden, Global Warming & Nuclear Power

We really like Senator Joe Biden, left. Joe Biden is probably the best foreign policy expert in the United States. As the new chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, he will have significant input and a very visible platform for expressing his views. And as we all know, Senator Biden has no problem expressing his views. Senator Biden is also approachable and willing to chat on the elevator with the average citizen. Moreover, Joe Biden is serious about climate change and we believe he is willing to promote nuclear power as a primary solution to the problem. Joe Biden would be a very good president.

Senator Biden seems to be okay with nuclear power because he voted for the Energy Policy Act of 2005. Biden was a cosponsor of the McCain/Lieberman Climate Stewardship Act and he voted for the very nuclear-friendly Climate Stewardship and Innovation Act. But he voted against Yucca Mountain and he does not like the Price Anderson Act. He has consistently voted against this important subsidy on amendments to the various energy bills over the past few years.

Be Aware

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