Saturday, January 27, 2007

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Logo

The United States Environmental Protection Agency logo is an interesting piece of artwork. Most people do not really pay close attention to it, but it merits scrutiny. It is a very good logo. The symbolism is subtle yet bold. The colors are symbolic of the items EPA works to protect for the sake of human health and prosperity.

Note the stem and leaf branches are green. The circle blossom is highly symbolic. Note the green at the bottom of the circle that represents the land, left. In a complementary logo, right, it is blue to represent the waters of wetlands, lakes, streams, creeks, rivers and oceans. There is green grassland above the water, thus showing the water below as groundwater. The circle blossom has a horizon through it middle that shows the Sun and Moon rising and setting. The sky is blue. A complementary concentric circle is created by the writing of the name of the agency around the flower. It represents the Earth.

The entire logo hangs suspended without an artificial border. Of course, some logos do have ring and square borders. So does the elimination of the earthly border mean that one day EPA would like to protect outer space? The Moon and planets? Beyond? Hmmmmmm. The blue green motif makes for a soothing represenation of environmental protection. Blue and green are the colors of choice to represent the environment. The stem and leaf branches could also easily be an insect, a dragonfly or butterfly. Very good job EPA.

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