Thursday, February 25, 2010

DC Green Muslims

According to the Green Muslims in the District Blog, the group is a network of Muslims in the District of Columbia (and surrounding areas) working proactively to help our communities understand and implement sustainable and eco-conscious ways of living while relating it to our faith and a holistic world-view. These eco-conscious DC-area Muslims are promoting a message of environmental stewardship to both Muslims and non-Muslims in their community.

The strong connection between Islam and protecting the Earth led a group of friends to form the DC Green Muslims in October 2007. A ‘green Muslim’ is someone who realizes that being aware of their impact on the Earth is something that is not a foreign concept to Islam but knows that it is rooted in Islam, according to the groups organizers. DC Green Muslims has worked with Washington Parks and People to revitalize neglected parks and other programs.

Environmentally aware Muslims cite a Qur’anic verse that says amana was offered to the heavens, the earth and to the mountains. However, they refused to accept such a burden and it was transferred to humankind.They propose that in this situation, humanity becomes a fulcrum for the earth. If humanity is centered and whole, the earth is balanced. But if humanity is not balanced -- by harming the environment and not promoting social justice -- corruption will spread on earth. They believe that if the earth can serve as a mosque, this supports a strong argument against polluting its land and its water. (Arab News, 2/20/10)

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