Thursday, February 25, 2010

Karen Bass Seeks To Replace Diane Watson in Congress

California Assembly Speaker Karen Bass has announced her candidacy for Congresswoman Diane Watson's congressional seat. Watson recently announced that she would not run for reelection after 35 years in public office.

GreenGov interviewed Speaker Karen Bass at CLCV's Environmental Leadership Awards in December and asked her what qualities the next governor of California should have in order to be considered a green governor. In her view, the governor must first understand that Californians care about the environment. Therefore, the governor must consistently protect the environment through funding, policy, and appointments, and must include the environmental community in the process. She also stated that environmental laws must be strengthened, not weakened, especially during a crisis; further, the state must continue to move forward and maintain our leadership role. See GreenGov video below:

California League of Conservation Voters honored California State Assembly Speaker Karen Bass at their 16th annual Environmental Leadership Awards gala in Los Angeles 12/2/09.

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