Friday, February 26, 2010

EPA Administrator Meets With Stakeholders At Headquarters


By Norris McDonald

"A Conversation with Administrator Lisa P. Jackson"

EPA Administrator Lisa P. Jackson sponsored a meeting at the agency headquarters today to have a discussion with stakeholders. The meeting was held in 'The Green Room' just outside of her office and approximately 50 representatives from various organizations and businesses participated. It was a spirited interchange of ideas between the administrator and the attendees. Issues included everything from local business concerns to international activities. As usual, Administrator Jackson was her affable and knowledgeable self. Very patient and interested in the questions from the participants. Previous adminstrators usually organized these types of meetings, made a brief statement and left without taking questions.

I was particularly fascinated with Administrator Jackson's response to my question about international activities: she responded that no EPA administrator had ever visited the continent of Africa. I found that to be shocking. I think that oversight is about to come to an end.

Stephanie Owens, Director of EPA Public Outreach opened the meeting and program presentations were given by: Rafael DeLeon, Esq, Director of Cooperative Evironmental Management, Sarah Hospodor-Pallone, Deputy Associate Administrator for Intergovernmental Relations, Kimberly Y. Patrick, Esq, Deputy Director-Office of Small Business Programs, Myra Blackely, Deputy Director-Office of Brownfields and Land Revitalization, Carlton Eley, Green Jobs Team-Ofc of Policy, Economics and Innovation, Willima 'Bill' Saunders, National Ctr for Environmental Research, Marva King, Coordinator & Grants Team Lead-Community Action for a Renewed Environment, Sheila Lewis, Grants Program Manager-Office of Environmental Justice, Michael Zatz, Chief of Market Sectors Group-Energy Star Commercial & Industry Branch, Ginger Potter, Senior Environmental Education Specialist-Environmental Education.

[Photos: EPA]

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