Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Fidel Castro To Drill For Oil Off the Coast of Florida?

ExxonMobil please tell us it ain't so. The Commies are going to beat the capitalists to off-Florida shore drilling? The Washington Times says Cuba plans to work with China, Canada, Venezuela and Spain to drill for oil 60 miles off the coast of Florida. Now we're not saying that America should drill off the coast of Florida, but it would be more than ironic if our Commie neighbor struck a huge deep sea oil field and turns from an oil importer to an oil exporter. And because of our embargo against Cuba, the U.S. can't participate in the drilling or buy the oil if Cuba discovers a field. Of course, some clever American 'entrepreneur' will find a back door.

Canadian companies Sherritt International Company and Pebercan, Inc. would love to trump the U.S. right in our backyard. So would Spain's Repsol oil company. Finally, Commie Cuba's state-owned oil company, Cubapetroleo (communists don't link), would cackle like a post Bay of Pigs Cuban revolutionary if they beat American oil companies to a huge offshore oil field. The U.S. Congress is currently considering offshore drilling bills.

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