Saturday, July 22, 2006

National Academy of Sciences Agrees with AAEA on Air

The National Academy of Sciences (NAS) released a new report on July 21, 2006 that supports what AAEA has been saying for years, that 'cap & trade' trumps 'command & control' in getting scrubbers installed on powerplants. Of course, The Washington Post's environmental reporter Juliet Eilperin still avoids quoting us favoring NRDC even when they are wrong. Regardless, we feel vindicated because, once again, our scientific view trumped all the other mainstream environmental groups. Thank God for Blogs so we can get the word out.

The NAS report, New Source Review for Stationary Sources of Air Pollution, states "At a national level, the model analysis suggests that a cap-and-trade program with caps below those specified by CAIR would be a more cost-effective approach to lowering emissions than aggressive regulation under New Source Review." The report costs $44 but you can read it free online. The NAS News Release provides a good summary.

The Bush administration air recommendations, particularly the Clear Skies Initiative, in addition to the Clean Air Interstate Rule, are clearly more effective than the old 20th Century command and control New Source Review (NSR). You would never know it though because the liberal biased medai has an agenda to try its best to keep it from the public. The NAS report could not be ignored. A high-level administration official even told us that they recommend us to the media so they know our view is being excluded too. Animation Courtesy of Vanaire

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