Saturday, July 08, 2006

Maryland Governor Candidates on the Environment

AAEA is based in Maryland and we will present the positions of candidates running for the governor's office until the election. Other candidates will be featured in the coming weeks. AAEA President Norris McDonald pictured with Governor Bob Ehrlich.

Robert L. Ehrlich. Enacted the historic Chesapeake Bay Restoration Act, which will reduce nitrogen pollution into the Bay by seven million pounds per year—cutting current levels nearly in half. Preserved more than 60,000 acres of environmentally sensitive land.
Provided record funding for Program Open Space.

Martin O'Malley. Implement an Environmental Bill of Rights for Maryland’s Families. Fully Fund Lead Paint Poisoning Prevention Programs. Restore Cuts to Maryland’s Successful Program Open Space. Reduce Sprawl and Over-Development. Martin O’Malley will work for initiatives that promote growth in a more thoughtful manner. Institute BayStat - A New Tool to Monitor and Gauge the Health of the Chesapeake. Create New Tax Credits To Protect Vanishing Farmland.

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