Thursday, July 27, 2006

Wash Post Environment Hostile To Black Senate Candidates?

First The Washington Post 'got' Kweise Mfume, left, about allegedly chasing ladies around NAACP desks in Baltimore. Now The Washington Post takes some 'off the record' comments by Michael Steele, right, about President Bush and the GOP and they bushwhack him with it to embarass or discredit him. Or at a very minimum try to turn President Bush and the Republican Party against him. Yet Benjamin Cardin seems to be getting a free pass. Hmmmm. We wonder what the difference might be?

Marion Barry could always depend on The Washington Post to overplay its hand in trying to smear him (Not that Mayor Barry needed any help). The Post unwittingly helped to get Barry reelected time after time. Will they do the same for Mfume or Steele? When The Washington Post endorses Cardin 0ver Mfume and then endorses Cardin over Steele, then they will confirm what we already know about the environment over at the big media house.

Of course Josh Rales is working hard for Mfume and who will The Post endorse in an Mfume-Steele matchup? Well that is easy too. Steele has wandered waaaaaaay off the plantation. The Post will endorse Mfume and smear Steele because The Post favors the DNC over the RNC.

UPDATE: As we predicted in the article above, The Washington Post endorsed Cardin on Aug 21, 2006.

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