Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Global Warming, Public Relations & Hypocrisy

Washington Post Opinion writer Robert J. Samuelson nailed the global warming issue. Some of our colleagues have been commiserating with us for years now about the inevitablility of radical climate changes due to global warming and our inability and unwillingness to resolve the problem.

Samuelson smartly notes the political grandstanding being used to manipulate the issue for votes. Fotunately the "self-serving hypocrixy" and public relations bragging rights of political programs, such as the Kyoto Protocol, have been peeped and discarded by the U.S. Senate and President George W. Bush. The author notes that "None of these programs will reduce global warming...The incovenient truth is that if we don't solve the engineering problem, we're helpless." Excellent article Bob.

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