Friday, May 01, 2015

EARTH DAY Trek Across America 2015


By Norris McDonald

Just before Earth Day, I made the announcement below on Facebook:
"I will be driving across America starting on Earth Day (April 22). I have never driven across this incredible country even though I have flown over it many times. This Earth Day trek is to gain a greater appreciation for this great land we live in. I want to see it. I want to see it up close and personal. It will be a 6-day drive: Washington, DC to Los Angeles, California. Wish me luck. I am hoping my 20 year old Toyota Camry will make the trip successfully. I will share video and photos with you. Stay tuned."
It was a great trip and I am ready to do it again.  I took the southern route.  I will take the northern route next time.

Not a good start. Before I could get on the the highway, steam started coming from under my hood. Just a ruptured radiator hose. At Precision Tune Auto. Should be repaired within 30 minutes. Maybe I can get to Roanoke before dark. My target was Knoxville. Maybe I should wait until tomorrow to leave.

TREK ACROSS AMERICA: Day 1. Riding through Appalachian Mountains. Beautiful. Stop every 2 hours. Near Roanoke. Car running well. Cruise works. Never used on this car.

TREK ACROSS AMERICA: Day 2. In Nashville. Tornado watch. Staying with old friend afternoon & evening. Wait out bad weather. Amazing the number of trees mangled and killed by the winter ice storm between Knoxville and Nashville.

TREK ACROSS AMERICA: Day 3: Leaving Nashville. Great day at my old friend's compound yesterday. Grand Ole Opry behind me. Just pulled off the highway for the selfie. Batman building is the most famous building downtown. Looks like Batman's helmet with two pointy spikes. On to Memphis.

Trek Across America: Day 4. Crossing Arkansas. Hope to cross Oklahoma today. At Waffle House right. I love a Waffle House breakfast. Thank you all for your well wishes. Great trip so far.

Trek Across America: Day 5. Leaving Oklahoma this morning and heading into Texas. Had a little shaking in the front of the car at the end of the day yesterday. Hope the old girl was just getting tired. Supposed to rain this morning and I am kind of waiting to see. I hate driving in the rain.

Coal Plant in Arizona
Wind Turbines in Arizone

TREK ACROSS AMERICA: Day 6. Leaving the Sunset Motel on famous Route 66. How many of you remember that show? Just outside Albuquerque, New Mexico. Arizona is next.

TREK ACROSS AMERICA: Day 7. I am about 6 hours from Los Angeles. I have 2,200 miles behind me. And to think I never liked driving over 3 hours. I am actually posting this the night before because I intend to get up early and get started. They are talking about high temperatures tomorrow and I want to beat those temps. My girl can't take the heat.