Monday, July 20, 2015

African American Nuclear Power Plant Operators (Indian Point)

Theresa Motko and Rob Andersen help operate Indian Point as one of the safest nuclear energy facilities in the country.

Theresa is a senior systems engineer and mother of two, and she lives less than four miles from Indian Point in Buchanan, New York with her family. 

Rob Andersen trained in nuclear safety during his years in the U.S. Navy. Today, he’s a control room supervisor at Indian Point, and lives with his wife and three children in the area.

From his position in the control room, Rob drills constantly with his team to safely manage the plant during the most challenging weather- and security-related events.In recent years,

Indian Point has invested $1 billion in upgrades and strengthened safety equipment and systems, making Indian Point safer than ever before.  For more information please visit:  (Capital New York, 7/17/2015)