Monday, August 21, 2006

Columnist Deroy Murdock Praises Fission Plants

Deroy Murdock is a very smart man and a great writer so we are not surprised that he sees the benefits of nuclear power. We also agree with him on the use of DDT to kill malaria mosquitoes in African countries. In fact, we first met him at a Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) conference in New York on the malaria issue. It is gratifying to see so many people and newspapers starting to embrace fission power as a viable energy option. And four years ago AAEA was alone in the nuclear power wilderness and EVERYBODY was telling us we were absolutely crazy.

Murdock is funny in teasing my colleagues in the environmental movement about their NIMBY addiction. It is ironic that blacks are not normally viewed as environmentalists, particularly by traditional environmentalists. AAEA has been operating for 21 years and AAEA president Norris McDonald has been working as an environmentalist for 27 years, but he and we are still not considered to be 'real' environmentalists by many. Yet we believe many of our positions are more environmentally beneficial than most mainstream environmental groups. So thanks for verifying our position on this important energy option Mr. Murdock. Hat Tip: NEI

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