Thursday, May 05, 2011

Remembering Damu Smith

We Miss You Damu

Damu Smith died five years ago today (May 5, 2006).  Many of the younger crop of new African American environmentalists never met Damu.  Yet Smith lives on in the minds of those who knew him.  Damu brought his own unique presence to the environmental and environmental justice movements.  Damu aggressively addressed environmental racism as leader of the National Black Environmental Justice Network.

He took the name Damu, which means "blood, leadership and strength" in the Swahili language of Kenya.

Damu Smith was an activist.  Damu was a radio talk show host.  He was a father.  Smith's daughter, Asha Moore Smith is 18 now.

Washington Post reporter Darryl Fears covered Damu's last days.  Africa Roots Library provides and excellent compilation of Damu's life.  Damu's Middle East and anti war activism is described in Washington ReportDemocracy Now covered one of Smith's anti war speeches on behalf of Black Voices for Peace, one of the organizations he founded.  Democracy Now also covered Damu's fight with colon cancer. gives a great comprehensive description of Damu.  And of course, Google now provides Images of Damu Smith & Videos of Damu Smith. The Los Angeles Times and numerous other news oulets reported on Damu's death.

Damu received the sort  of coverage in death that he never receieved in life. 

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