Friday, September 09, 2005

Black City Destroyed by Katrina

Although most whites do not like to acknowledge, discuss, visit or live in the black part of town, there is one in virtually every city in the U.S. New Orleans was a city that was 67% black until September 2005. It was a majority black city and now it is gone. Scattered throughout the U.S. Imagine all of the blacks in Washington, DC - gone. Or Prince George's County, Maryland blacks (the richest majority black county in the U.S.) - gone. Imagine no Compton or Harlem. Black New Orleans is now a toxic wasteland that will probably not be habitable for years.

Is it a good thing or a bad thing that there are majority black cities and counties? Mostly these are formed as whites move out as blacks move in. Blacks are perfectly happy around their own in these enclaves. But what about New Orleans? Will it be black again? Should it be black again? Does it matter?

New Orleans Map


City of New Orleans

New Orleans Blogging

New Orleans Demographics

Greater New Orleans

And although the face of Katrina's victims have been portrayed as black and poor, much like welfare and crime, most of the victims in the Gulf Coast region are white.

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