Thursday, December 14, 2006

Publishing Companies Want to be Carbon Neutral

Publishing companies such as Time Inc (division of Time Warner), Hearst Corporation, News Corporation want to become carbon neutral according to a Heinz Center Study. According to the Energy Insormation Administration (EIA) the paper industry is the fourth largest emitter of carbon dioxide after chemical, petroleum and coal industries. Electric utilities account for 40 percent and cars account for 20 percent of carbon dioxide emissions, according to Princeton Univ's Michael Oppenheimer. The paper industry includes magazines, newspapers, catalogs and writing paper. Paper production produces a lot of carbon dioxide.

The big question is how can paper producers reduce their carbon dioxide production. In addition to advertisers requesting more accountablity, companies can purchase carbon offsets - carbon reducing activities that make up for greenhouse emissions. For instance, Time estimates that an average copy of their magazine produces about 0.29 pound of greenhouse gas emissions. Newsweek, which is owned by the Washington Post, and the newspaper should consider utilizing such carbon offsets. AAEA is developing a carbon offset program. Source: NYT

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