Monday, September 10, 2007

GOP Presidential Candidates Debate on PBS

Tavis Smiley will moderate the first ever Republican presidential debate aimed at issues of interest to African Americans on Sept 27. Of course many of those issues are the same as those of majority Americans, but there is a Black side of town in virtually every city in the U.S., so there are some issues that are unique to these communities. Moreover, more Whites should understand that the African American community is as American as apple pie. After all, Whites created it. The panel that will ask the questions for the debate will be comprised of: Cynthia Tucker of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Ray Suarez of PBS and NPR's Juan Williams.

We have some questions the journalists should ask on environmental issues:

1) Has the Bush administration been better than the Clinton administration on environmental issues?

2) Is environmental justice a legitimate issue to you?

3) Does environmental racism exist?

4) Has the Bush administration been better than the Clinton administration on environmental justice issues?

5) EPA lost a $600,000 racial discrimination lawsuit under the Clinton administration and a national law (NO FEAR Act) was signed by President Bush as a result of this situation, but the current EPA is still pursuing the complainant Marsha Coleman Adebayo. Would you settle with Ms. Adebayo or continue to pursue her?

6) Which sector is more segregated, the GOP or the environmental movement?

7) Is the Democratic Party friendlier to Blacks on environmental issues than the Republican Party?

8) Since there is a Black community in virtually every city in the United States, are there unique environmental issues in African American neighborhoods?

9) Why do you think Blacks do not own any part of the energy infrastructure in the United States?

10) Does global warming have a more serious impact on Black communities than majority communities?

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