Monday, May 29, 2006

Spring Organic Weeding Report

If you did your homework as described in our previous updates (Pre Spring, Winter) then you should be reaping a deep green, lush and beautiful lawn without using herbicides or pesticides while using very little commercial fertilizer. The plant and animal inhabitants of your local water body will appreciate your hand-pulling weeds from the yard. Spreading a very light deposit of fertilizer just before the last big snow really produced excellent results. (We're not purists although we do recommend using the bare hand for weed pulling instead of a glove)

Having reaped what we hope you sowed, you cannot let down or your good works will be overrun by the relentless march of weeds and clover. Although clover is an excellent nitrogen reforming natural fertilizer, it will also take over if left unchecked. Its root network makes it a constant interloper, so remember to pull the root as much as possible. The pulled weeds also make a good natural fertilizer for the trees. And after building up a foot or two of discarded weeds and grass, it takes less decorative mulch to provide adequate nutrition around the base of the tree. Don't forget to apply some limestone (calcium carbonate) sometime before adding the decorative mulch.

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