Saturday, August 18, 2007

Radical Greens Threaten Utilities & Banking

PRESIDENT'S CORNER. By Norris McDonald. I recently thought I was going on a simple camping vacation in the woods of North Carolina with my son. Instead I stumbled into a personal and professional snake pit. Upon being asked to leave a gathering of extremist greens, I believe I was successful in preventing the protest against Progress Energy's Asheville power plant. It was my first time defending a coal facility, but I disagree with the call of the wild greens to shut down all coal, nuclear and natural gas electricity plants. These facilities generate about 90% of the electricity in the United States. Working to shut down this important American infrastructure amounts to anarchy. Most Americans do not want to live without electricity.

I must also admit to being disturbed by hearing about acts of sabotage against power plants. There was bragging in the woods at a roundtable about the theft of 60 boxes of documents from Watts Bar nuclear power plant. Quite disturbing indeed.

I just wish I could have helped the Bank of America. They ended up being the soft target once the Progress Energy protest was scratched. This cowardly protest against an undefended branch of this financial institution was right up there with being abusive towards my son. The radicals targeted the Bank of America becasue they provide financing for needed American energy infrastructure. They whined when five of them were arrested for violating a banking institution. Yet the radicals in the woods were intolerant of dissent. I apologize to the Bank of America. I wish I could have assisted in protecting you from intolerance. You provide a great service in financing needed energy infrastructure. Keep up the good work.

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