Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sustainable Training Services, LLC

Sustainable Training Services, LLC (STS) was created for two primary purposes:

• To provide economic development and job creation programs and consulting services targeted toward minority communities, organizations and constituencies;

• To develop and deliver quality training to small and minority businesses, communities and individuals to succeed in those economic development and job creation programs.

Additionally, they help coordinate resourcing, training, outreach, partnership development and associated support for the development of the evolving energy efficiency and renewable energy industries and their respective workforces with a goal of personal economic independence and national energy independence.

STS utilizes cutting edge technologies and techniques to increase knowledge and strengthen dialogue between businesses and their customers. Their programs offer real job growth and practical training that presents ideas and strategies small and minority businesses can use every day to improve their operations or advance their career.

Carletta Waddler
A graduate of Howard University, Carletta Waddler is a dynamic and compelling speaker with experience in marketing, and green business concepts. A former owner of a lucrative marketing business, she developed a natural curiosity for the malaise of the environment and its detrimental effects on the health of all living creatures after viewing “An Inconvenient Truth” by Al Gore. She read voraciously, became a green certified consultant and LEED trained. She founded two green businesses… EcoMaintenance, Waddler & Associates. She is the CEO of a joint venture called Sustainability Training Inc.

In 2009, she became the recipient of the North Carolina Green Business Fund Award. She is currently pursuing a Masters degree in Green Management from the San Francisco Institute of Architecture. Ms. Waddler has dedicated her life to improving the environment for future generations. She has been featured in the Daily Advance as an outstanding “green” female entrepreneur. Her business is a UNC BASE recipient.

Ms. Waddler is currently presenting at many community colleges and universities across North Carolina and the U.S.

• Green Business League Certified Green Consultant

• Green Business Intermediary for North Eastern North Carolina

• LEED Trained Consultant

• Former General Manager of several radio stations in the Hampton Roads, Virginia market

• Marketing Expert and Public Speaker … past clients include The Mariners Museum, International Slavery Museum in Liverpool, England, Barbados Tourism Authority, AMISTAD America inc. and the Freedom Schooner Amistad, City of Newport News, City of Portsmouth, Hoop it Up, City of Hampton, Tim Reid Foundation, Opsail 2000, Retail Alliance, Davenport Dukes, and the State of North Carolina

• Recipient of the Echoes of Excellence Broadcast Award

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