Thursday, January 29, 2009

Clinton, Chu, Jackson & Sutley Don't Work For Carol Browner


There is chatter that Carol Browner is 'running' the energy, environmental and climate change show for President Barack Obama. Nothing could be further from the truth. President Obama has assembled a talented team to help solve our nation's energy, environmental and global warming problems. Moreover, Hillary Clinton, Stephen Chu, Lisa Jackson and Nancy Sutley were all confirmed by the Senate to officially lead their respective departments, agency and council.

The blogosphere is just full of speculation that Browner is going to somehow dominate these other powerful people. We believe this 'team' will aggressively address the challenges in their respective areas and they will need to coordinate the cross-lapping nature of energy, environment and climate change issues. Browner has been selected by the president to provide the 'harmonizing' element. Each of these areas is huge and will be a challenge for the best minds in the world. President Obama demonstrated 'vision' when he served on the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee. So he knows these issues very well. I have confidence that the Obama administration will come up with some very good recommendations for solving our energy, environmental and global warming challenges. We look forward to supporting his plans to provide abundant suppplies of energy at reasonable prices while protecting the environment.

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