Thursday, December 20, 2007

EPA Denies California Global Warming Waiver Request

On the same day that President Bush signed the energy bill (H.R. 6), EPA Administrator Stephen Johnson, right, denied California's request to limit its own global warming gases from cars and trucks. Johnson concluded that the new energy law obviates the need for the equivalent of fuel economy standards in California because it requires a comparable 35 mpg nationwide requirement. We agree with President Bush and EPA on this issue. A nationwide fuel economy standard is much better than a patchwork of standards by each state patterned after the California law (A.B. 1493) and the Northeastern states (Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative-RGGI).

Now we need an international climate change agreement patterned after the Asia Pacific Partnership and American legislation establishing a cap and trade program (no auction) for carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. America should adopt new technological developments to lead the world in greenhouse gas reduction and energy productivity, including: solar, wind, efficiency, conservation, natural gas, clean coal, and nuclear. (Wash Post)

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