Tuesday, December 25, 2007

National Harbor Gaylord Resort & Convention Center

AAEA was the only environmental group of any kind to support the National Harbor-based Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center during the planning and approval phases for the site and facility. Not that this will ever be publicized mind you except by us because it happens for our good work most of the time. But AAEA does not allow such 'publicity avoidance' to stop us from continuing to do good work. Here is what The Washington Post said about the project today:

"With an 18-story atrium towering over the banks of the Potomac, Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center is reshaping the skyline of Prince George's County. Now the hotel and meeting place, the largest to be built on the Eastern Seaboard, is set to transform the economic terrain of the county, which has struggled for years to lure major employers. Gaylord posted more than 2,000 jobs on its Web site recently."
Prince George's County is the richest majority African American county in the United States and the developers appear to be working in good faith to include minority equity, management participation and employment in this historic project. Although many folk from the majority will groan at describing 'minority participation,' this group is purposely excluded in so many areas (and believe us we know) that it should be publicized when an operation does the right thing. And in that regard, talk to anyone in Prince George's County and they will tell you that project developer Milt Perterson has always tried his best to do the right thing. This county appreciates Mr. Peterson's interest in an area of the region that has been avoided by other developers. Thank you.

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