Monday, July 07, 2008

CNN Presents "Black in America"

On Wednesday, July 23 at 9pm and Thurdsday, July 24 at 9 pm, CNN will premier a series, 'Black in America.' The first day the series will focus on examining issues, success and struggles of the black men, women and familes and the second day is dedicated entirely to the plight of the Black Man in America.

Soledad O'Brien explores the varied experiences of black women and families and investigates the reasons behind the disturbing statistics on single parenthood, disparities between black and white students in the classroom and the devastating toll of the HIV/AIDS. O'Brien reports on the progress of black women in the workplace, in universities and the status of the black middle class. Premieres in HDTV on Wednesday, July 23, 9 p.m. ET.

It is reported in the series that "companies in the U.S. have said they would hire a white man with a felony record and no high school education BEFORE they would hire a black man with NO criminal record and a 4-year degree?"

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