Monday, September 15, 2008

CBC Energy & Environmental Issues Forums and Braintrusts

The Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) Annual Conference is holding its largest number of forums and braintrusts on energy and environmental issues in its history. AAEA President Norris McDonald organized the very first energy braintrust for the late Congressman Mickey Leland in 1981. Now numerous CBC members are addressing these vitally important issues.

The conference is being held at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center. The theme of this year's annual conference is, "Embracing the Promise, Realizing the Vision," and the members sponsoring panels include:

Carolyn C. Kilpatrick: "The New Green: A Climate Change for Environmental Justice."

Sheila Jackson Lee: "Our Children are Dying Because of the Global Food and Water Crisis: What Should We Do Next?"

Donna Edwards: "Making Up for Lost Time: Picking Up the Environmental Pieces that the Bush Administration Left Behind."

Eddie Bernice Johnson: "Science and Technology Braintrust: Youth involvement: Today's Technology for Tomorrow's Environment." [AAEA on panel]

James Clyburn: "Environmental Justice Braintrust: Securing Our Future - The Nuclear Alternative."

Sheila Jackson Lee: "Energy Braintrust: Combating the CHallenges of the Electrical Utility Industry and Climate Change."

James Clyburn: "Avoice Environmental Justice Forum."

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